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Learn to drive

When learning to drive it’s important to learn a life skill and not simply to learn a test route. It’s often said that “once you have passed your driving test, it is then that you actually learn how to drive.”

Our instructors teach you this life skill to ensure that you are comfortable on busy roads and motorways once you have passed your driving test.

Our instructors are friendly, helpful and qualified and are always available out of hours to answer any questions you may have thought of after your lesson has finished.

If you’re looking to learn very quickly for work commitments or just for yourself, then an intensive driving course with accommodation from us can help you learn quickly in a safe and controlled environment.

Compared with hourly lessons you will require far less hours ‘behind the wheel’ as you will save time by not having to do the ‘introduction/recap’ every hour and no chance of forgetting things as you might with a week’s gap between lessons. This is also a great boost of confidence if you’re a nervous person.

Our ‘pass in a week’ intensive driving lessons approach to teaching has proven time and time again to be effective and significantly less stressful than learning to drive in the big city. We can usually get you a driving test far quicker than possible back home, sometimes as early as next week

The main advantage of using our structured driving courses is that you are condensing many months of conventional weekly driving lessons into a small period of time, usually within a matter of one or two days. Because you are out on the road all day, you spend much less time ‘picking up from where you left off’, and more time concentrating on your driving.

To find the most suitable driving course for you it’s best to take advantage of our discounted 2 hour assessment lesson. At the end of this lesson, your instructor will give you advice on best the suitable route to become a successful and safe driver, if you already have a good idea about how many hours you might need then give us a call. We will pass your details onto one of our instructors that live nearby you. He or she will give you the best driving tuition available to help you become a safe and confident driver and pass your test at the first attempt.

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